🪙As the economy of Sri Lanka has run down, many believe cryptocurrencies could be a solution to rescue the country.

🥃 The whisky is considered the world’s rarest since only 211 bottles were left from the 1970 cask.

🏦 Despite his enthusiasm, governor Joewono faced some setbacks with the National Ulema Council (MUI).

🐻 Demirors does not see Bitcoin falling below $14,000 and predicts the fall to be forgotten by 2024.

📊The analyst stated that there has been an increased interest in bailing out companies, which should propel upward market movement.

🇺🇿 The National Agency of Prospective Projects (NAPP) in Uzbekistan has come up with new regulation guidelines.

🚑 SEC commissioner Hester Peirce has expressed her disagreement with bailing out crypto companies in times of market turmoil.

❔The survey was aimed at asking questions about investment preferences among investors for emerging asset classes.

📉 While Bitcoin is hanging by a thread over the $20,000 mark, other major cryptocurrencies have plummeted in the past week.

⛏ Adams believes that the bill would present an economic disadvantage for the state of New York.

🔌 As 2022 might be the most turbulent year in all history of crypto, it is no surprise that things taken for granted last year might not be up-to-date now.

🏦 Customers are said to increasingly seek out the Bitcoin kiosks in question in times of uncertain volatility.

🚓 After the now-infamous crash of a major stablecoin last month, its repercussions are slowly taking up center stage in the world of crypto.

💳PayPal has announced that it shall henceforth provide its customers with the possibility to send digital assets funds into external wallets and exchanges.

American senators have finished what might probably be the most anticipated piece of legislature in the history of digital assets.

🚀 Bitcoin's rise has influenced other cryptocurrencies, pushing more than $70 billion worth of digital assets up the market in the past 24 hours.

🪙 Stablecoins in Japan can now only be issued by licensed banks, trust companies, and registered money transfer agents.

🪙 The survey included 9,500 adults across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the APAC countries.

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