⏰❗️A new batch of the ORB i2 In-House Mining Service devices has gone on sale at this very moment!

Head on to the pode.store to grab yours while you can! The number of supplies is limited!

📢❗️Back by popular demand! Don’t miss our limited offer of yet another 150 ORB i2 In-House Mining Service devices!

They’ll be waiting for you at pode.store tomorrow, August 4, at 2 PM CET / 8 AM EST / 9 PM JST! Make sure to mark your calendars now!

❗️⚙️Dear PoDE Clients, starting tomorrow, we will be performing some maintenance and ORB i2 miner optimization on some of the devices. Your device might temporarily get offline for a few hours, but please don’t worry, it will be back online in no time.

Thank you for understanding.

👏Thank you, dear Core Community, for joining us on our Livestream this morning! We hope we managed to answer all of your burning questions and got you excited for our upcoming projects! If you missed the stream, you can watch it online at any time here: youtu.be/FxeNRFFhCzQ

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