@rastislav Nice good evening I have a question because I can not afford an Orbi and my computer is too weak to do mining I came up with the idea to mine with an X Box Series X. Is this possible?

@mcs good to you are mentioning that. Actually I did some research for PS and Nintendo. The challenge is to overcome the protection what app can do. Anyway that solution is still in research.

@rastislav What about a UWP APP that makes this superfluous so a UWP with setup of the wallet and the minning.

@mcs This is nice idea but maybe UWP is deprecated and not so suitable for this purpose. Mainly because you need to communicate well with CPU. But we have still plenty of ways how to operate on such platforms.

@rastislav So minning while playing. That would be interesting.

@mcs Yes. Indeed. But Blockchain integration as well. That will unlock Dapps there.

@rastislav One question is the possibility to do the mining via the mobile phone so via an APP as with PI Mining with Intigrierte Wallet.

@mcs Right now we have Linux miner but later on it can be extended. Tricky part is get good hash rate. So far Linux miner is the best.

@rastislav I have a question about mining. I don't need an ORB works with the computer. Since the whole thing runs on Linux basis, I can also do my mining on the LG OLED TV which runs on Linux basis. So just an idea that would mean while I e.g. Watching Netflix I can mine. That would be a blast.

@mcs for now small IoT device is available for that use case. But we will integrate more as producers will allow it.

@rastislav Question in the round will Ting also work 😉 on the x Box Series x

@mcs we are planning plenty of integrations starting with web version. Then I can run it basically in lot of web browsers. X box has probably one as well. But more platforms will be supported soon.

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