How the mining pool work (in short):
1. A block reward is an incentive that miners get when they approve a transaction.
It consists of two components:
- Block subsidy
- Transaction fees
A newly created block is not considered a transaction - you cannot see it in the Tx list. ⬇️

2. In practical use, mining pools are accumulating amounts in the "payout wallet" and redistribute rewards (which can be optional). CatchThatRabbit pool has the following payout address:
Accumulating coins from rewards to pay to the miners. ⬇️


3. Some pools feed this address with additional rewards or even with custom structures.

Then, the total amounts in Tx ≠ total amounts in the Blockchain. ⬇️

4. The formula to calculate the reward is as follows (in most PoW pools):

Your reward = 5 XCB × (1 - pool fee) × (your scoring hashrate / pool scoring hashrate)

Decentralization is on all levels - even in the pools themselves.

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