@mcs for now small IoT device is available for that use case. But we will integrate more as producers will allow it.

Thank you, friend. 🤝 All of us as well as the public are free to spread the reach. We will do our best to enable you the opportunities. Welcome to the team! 🟢💫🙌 twitter.com/coinclubjapan/stat

@mcs Right now we have Linux miner but later on it can be extended. Tricky part is get good hash rate. So far Linux miner is the best.

@mcs Yes. Indeed. But Blockchain integration as well. That will unlock Dapps there.

@mcs This is nice idea but maybe UWP is deprecated and not so suitable for this purpose. Mainly because you need to communicate well with CPU. But we have still plenty of ways how to operate on such platforms.

@mcs good to you are mentioning that. Actually I did some research for PS and Nintendo. The challenge is to overcome the protection what app can do. Anyway that solution is still in research.

🟢🎉Some moments are worth celebrating! Congrats to Core Blockchain for reaching its first 1,000,000 blocks!

Such a milestone deserves a cheesecake!🍰

💥❗️What a milestone! A whole 1 million blocks have been confirmed on Core Blockchain, and that’s only thanks to you, everyone who has been participating on the network!

Growing stronger every day, a New Sense of Integrity!

NO! ❌
No centralization.
No servers.
No stolen identity.
No robocalls.
No spam.
No Man-in-the-middle.
No 3-letter orgs.

No … (add yours in the comments)
:core: :ctn:

🟠Exciting news for all the developers! The XAB Testnet Faucet platform is officially running and we are sure you can’t wait to try out the unlimited supply of test coins for all your Core Blockchain projects!

Follow the link and get started! ➔ devin.energy/

We have done several security updates and advisories, to make Core Blockchain more applicable for various use cases. 🟢

🍺🍏From now on supported!
Install go-core with the command:
brew tap core-coin/gocore && brew install gocore

Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on Apple's operating system, macOS, as well as Linux.

🍀The Core Blockchain mining algorithm was designed to paint the future green! The low power consumption of the IoT devices (only 10W an hour on average) will always guarantee their highest profitability ratio and attract miners for years to come.


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